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Introducing Kabale’s Rising Star Singer Amani

Byaruhanga Asuman aka Amani is a fast rising artiste who was born and raised in Nyabikoni-Kabale on 25th December 1990. He sings in his mother tongue Rukiga/Runyankore and came to the lime light after performing at Club Venom’s maiden Bakiga night recently. Chano8 had a one on one with him and this is what he had to say.

Chano8: Which year did you join the music Industry?

I joined the music industry in 2009, so from then on, I have been singing professionally.

Chano8: What style of music do you do?

The day I started singing, i was doing Hip Hop but now I do a variety of music genres for example Reggae-dancehall, some Afro beat and traditional Kikiga songs.

Chano8: Who produces most of your songs?

For the production, i go to any studio. I work with all producers as long as i like the way one produces my song (s), some of my few songs were produced by producer Jazz of Jazz production but i keep on changing.

Chano8: Do you have any videos you have released?

Yeah, i have like ten videos but in the ten, i have four which have good production and quality.

Amani use

Kabale’s starman Amani

Chano8: Dou you have any upcoming songs?

Yes i do, actually they are three songs, ‘Guma’, ‘Nikwe Bali’ and ‘Kahayoole’

Chano8: Are signed to any record label or you are a solo artiste?

I have my own crew called ‘West Side Music’ of which am the C.E.O and founder.

Chano8: Who is your manager?

So far i don’t have a manager but i have four people who are having interest in managing me.

Chano8: What challenges have you faced in the industry?

I have faced very many challenges so far which i can’t even describe for example, i sometimes perform on shows and organisers don’t pay me and the other thing is, big artists don’t want us the upcoming ones to shine too.

Chano8: Future plans?

I want to put Runyankole/Rukiga on an international level like how Eddy Kenzo did at the recent BET awards. To my fans, expect more from Amani because i believe in myself.

Chano8: What are your best and worst moments in the industry?

My best moment is when i performed on Mbarara’s radio West Ekinihiro festival 2015 to over 50,000 people. My worst moment is still on the same festival when it was my time to take the stage and the Dj complained that my CD had been broken into two pieces. I had nothing to do apart from singing live on the microphone.

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