Irate Revellers Pelt Singer Big Eye With Bottles Again

  • Big Music’ crew boss, singer Big Eye was pelted with bottles by irate revellers again
  • He was performing at singer Spice Diana’s concert at Freedom City Mall in Namasuba, Kampala
  • This is the second time it’s happening to him, the first time being at ‘NBS Uncut’ TV show’s 1st anniversary celebration
  • Big Eye was forcefully carried away from stage by security after a scuffle

From the look of things, it really seems like the ‘bottle throwers’ are not any ready to stop pelting singer Big Eye with bottles anywhere he goes to perform.

The first time Big was thrown bottles at by irate revellers while performing was at the NBS TV ‘Uncut’ show’s first anniversary celebration event that took place at Uganda Museum in Kampala on 1st January 2020.

The same thing happened to him on Friday night at Spice Diana’s sold out concert that took place at Freedom City Mall. Everything was going on smoothly as fans enjoying curtain raisers’ performances and live Dj mixes until Big Eye took to the stage.

The rowdy revellers didn’t wait for him to perform more than one song. They were seen throwing multiple plastic bottles at the ‘Indicator’ singer, on top of hurling insults at him and angrily telling him to get the hell off stage.

Defiant Big Eye first braved the bottles and continued performing until he later knelt down as he told the revellers to do whatever they wanted or even kill him if they thought he isn’t a Ugandan just like them.

Of course to restore calm, security had to intervene to and try to convince Big Eye, who still wanted perform, to get off stage. They managed to, but after struggle which saw them forcefully sending the ‘Big Music’ crew boss off stage, to save him from the unruly crowd.

Apart from Spice Diana’s concert filling Freedom City Mall to capacity, the Big Eye incident is the talk on social media and on the lips of those who attended

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