Irene Ntale Endorses Salvador’s Africa Laughs Season III Show

Swangz Avenue singer Irene Ntale and Africa Laughs CEO and comedian Patrick Salvador were reported in some sections of media to be harbouring serious grudges when it emerged that they were beefing over show dates they had set for their respective shows.

The reported bad blood was started when apparently Salvador ‘hijacked’ Ntale’s Sembera concert by setting the same date for his upcoming Africa Laughs Season 3 comedy show something the burly comedian always publicly denied including at the press conference where the show was officially launched.

Salvador Ntale2

Salvador and Ntale making faces at Laftaz Lounge yesterday

However yesterday, the two stars were spotted hugging and sharing a light moment together at Laftaz comedy lounge in centenary park pool side in what looked like a show of solidarity and endorsing each other’s show. Salvador earlier told Chano8 that Ntale is like a sister and although he actually booked the date (August 26th 2016) first, he has always never had any problem with Ntale’s concert being on the same day.

“We set up our date last year and we were only waiting for our sponsors to finalise the endorsements which we finalised a few weeks back. Other shows won’t affect us since this is not our first time to do this and besides it is a comedy while the other is a music show”. Salvador said at the press conference a few weeks back at Silver Springs hotel in Kampala.

Salvador Ntale3

Salvador hosted yesterday’s comedy session at Laftaz weekly show

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