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Irene Ntale; The Face Of Twaweza

The New Year has surely come with good tidings for Irene Ntale. Having been in studio to work on a new song, she recently landed an ambassadorial deal with Twaweza Innitiative, a brain child of the electoral commission. The inntitative is the commisssion’s move to garner youth participation in the 2016 general elections, tailored to fit their tastes, as evidently seen in using Ntale, an artiste famed among the youth, as its ambassador.

Ntale9 CUT

According to Ntale, this is purely non-partisan. It is just a wake-up call to the youth, to show them that their voice has a strong impact in the country’s politics. Statistically, Uganda has the world’s largest youth population, forming 77% of the total national population. As such, the power largely lies in their hands, and the commission had to devise means of attracting them to vote.

We are not supporting anyone. This is just an initiative to encourage the youth all over the country to participate in the elections.” Ntale told Chano8 over the phone.


Irene Ntale, Leila Kayondo and friends

“We shall mainly reach out to the youth through TV adverts on that will broadcast over the local stations” she added.

This is certainly a job, and Ntale ascertains that at the end of it, there is a pay. Surely, it can only get better for her this year.

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