Irene Ntale Gets Her Former Camp Swangz Avenue Talking

After yesterday’s breaking news of Irene Ntale quitting Swangz Avenue, the record label has also come out with a statement that retaliates to Irene’s earlier statement but just like her Facebook post, Swangz also agreed that their separation was by mutual consent.

“Swangz Avenue and Irene Ntale have parted company by mutual consent. We would like to bring to record our thanks to Irene Ntale for the hard work, integrity and honesty she put forward during our four years of work.” said Benon.

The label also thanked Irene for her immense contribution ever since March 2013 when they had just signed her.


Irene Ntale at her listeners party held at Swangz Avenue headquarters in Muyenga last year (Photo by Roy Ruva)

On her four year journey at Swangz Avenue, she was been able to win numerous awards and topping chats which makes her the most successful female artist in the 9 years of Swangz Avenue’s existence.

They wish the ‘Gyobera’ artiste well in her new journey and that she will always remain a much-loved, respected and significant figure at the record label. “Her legacy at Swangz and the country at large has long been guaranteed and she will always be warmly received.”Benon concluded.



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