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Irene Ntale Insists That Her Facebook Page Was Hacked By Swangz Avenue

As her Kampala Serena Hotel’s ‘Ntale Unchained’ concert draws closer, the fans are expectant to see what she has to offer as she performs at her first concert as a solo artiste following the her departure from the Muyenga based Swangz Avenue record label that had nurtured her talent for 5 good years.

This week, it was all over social media and some news sites following a complaint from Irene Ntale to Swangz Avenue over her official verified Facebook page which has over 372,000 likes. She took her complaint to a local TV’s show while appearing there for an interview.

Irene who claims to have opened her Facebook page in 2011 before she joined Swangz Avenue is accusing one of her former bosses Julius Kyazze of changing her rights to her own Facebook page from being an administrator (admin) to just a mere editor. This was after she gave her bosses rights to her page so that they could also manage it at times, when she joined Swangz

She later got to realize that that she was turned into an editor from Admin and she felt disrespected especially basing on the fact that she is no longer Swangz. According to her manager who also doubles as her younger sister, she claims that Swangz Avenue has made the page inactive in that some Facebook users cannot find it

“This has been going on for a long time just that we keep quiet. One day we went to KFM for an interview on their early morning show and they searched for her Facebook page and couldn’t find it. Even her die hard fans search and cannot see it. He made the page inactive.” Her manager explained to Chano8.

Swangz Avenue have not yet replied to this but there are rumours that Irene has deployed a group of social media influencers to promote a campaign against Swangz Avenue.

Chano8’s efforts to ask the Swangz Avenue bosses Benon Mugumbya or Julius Kyazze were futile but we shall keep posted about this

Here is a screen shot explaining how Swabgz Avenue’s boss Julius Kyazze changed Irene Ntale’s rights from admin to editor

Irene left Swangz at the start of 2017 and her abrupt leave was surrounded with a lot of controversy but we shall go back into those things. Anyway it is a year and some few months since Ntale left and everything seems to be moving smoothly.







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