Irene Ntale, Maurice Kirya and Anne Kansiime In Things

The beauty about being a celebrity is that good things will always find you because comedian Anne Kansiime had virtually given up on comedy due to the fact that she no longer receives gigs like she used to back then while Maurice Kirya and Irene Ntale’s careers had also deteriorated but yesterday, one thing brought the three together.

The three celebrities as of yesterday are brand ambassadors for the ‘Poaching Steals From Us All’ campaign that seeks to save animals from poachers and encroachers in different places of Uganda.

We are still not yet sure why the three were the ideal candidates but a source tells us their huge fan base contributed to this cause which is going to see them visit several national parks within the coming days and also call for the preservation of wild animals which improves the tourism sector of Uganda.

This campaign was spearheaded by Rhino Fund Uganda which is under the guide ship of Uganda Wild Life Authority.

Irene Ntale posing for for photos


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