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Irene Ntale Opens Up A New Facebook Page After Swangz Avenue ‘Hijacked Old One’

A few weeks back, musician Irene Ntale was bitter at her former bosses at Swangz Avenue over reasons that they refused to give her back the rights for her own Facebook page.

This happened just a few days to her recent concert that took place at Serena Hotel’s Victoria Hall, forcing many to think it was a strategy to promote her event. The concert successfully happened and whether it was a strategy to push it or not, the ‘Kateteyi’ musician has taken a bold step and opened up a new page.

To my Support system my amazing lovely fans, this is our new home on Facebook. We are growing really fast. Thank you so much!! Cheers to New beginnings. Nothing and No one can Stop what God has Started in your life” She wrote on her new Page. This means she has given up on the old page that has over 373,000 likes and verified as well

The new page named ‘IRENE NTALE MUSIC UG’ was actually opened some months ago but  it was made popular a few days after her concert. This was after fans couldn’t see any new posts on her usual page after the ‘Ntale Unchained Concert’.

In her earlier statements, Irene said that she had created her page in 2011 way before she signed with Swangz Avenue record label. She however allowed one of the bosses at the record label Julius Kyazze to be an admin but after Irene left, Julius just made her editor and remained with all the admin rights.

“I have nothing to do with Swangz Avenue. I left them in good faith but I have to reclaim my page. It had over 800,000 followers but because Julius decides what is done on it, the numbers have decreased to only 300,000.”

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