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Irene Ntale: The Inspiring Journey To Stardom

This month we caught up with the hottest vocal diva in town, the young lady that is sweeping up awards without breaking a sweat! Irene Ntale is a well known and celebrated artiste in Uganda who has taken over both the teenage and adult audience in Uganda.


The 25 years old is a singer, guitarist, songwriter and performer who comes from a big family of 13 siblings. Her mother has only girls in a total of 5 and 8 brothers from her stepmother.

She went to Kitante Primary School till primary 7 then Kitante High school for O-level, finished her A level at Makerere High School.

Irene Ntale started singing in church, as she was a part of a church choir and later on joined a church band more or less a gospel band called ‘The Uneven’. She was with the group for about 2- 3 years and they later broke up after they lost a member

The powerful vocalist started her solo career straight out of the gospel band. She did back up for a lot of artists such as Bobi Wine, Rachael Magola, Maurice Kirya, Jamal, Leila Kayondo and so many more. She later started her solo gigs at hotels and restaurants like Emin Pasha, Jazville and Gattomatto. It was not easy for her to transition because a band works together as a team and they help cover up each others mistakes, but when you are solo, you are forced to perfect your act always.

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