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Is Angella Katatumba Operating Illegally As Pakistan Consul?

Over the weekend, the High commission of Pakistan – Nairobi sent a letter to the Ugandan ministry of foreign Affairs regarding Angella Katatumba’s position of honorary consulate in Uganda.

According to the letter, the musician is occupying the position ‘illegally’ because it ceased to function after the death of Angella’s father Mr Booney Katatumba who was occupying it before.

They further said that the position is still vacant as they have not yet appointed anyone in the position as Angella’s occupation is considered ‘fake and fictitious’ with no legal authority.

With this, they request the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uganda and all concerned authorities including the Immigration authorities that after the closure of the Pakistan in Kampala, no consular documents may be accepted by the authorities.

Angella Katatumba who is a singer and philanthropist was apparently appointed deputy Consul for Pakistan in Uganda 10 years ago by her late father, Boney Mwebesa Katatumba, who was then consul, having been appointed by then Pakistan President Gen. Pervez Musharaf in 2000.

Katatumba died in 2017, a tragedy that put Angella at the helm of the consulate based in Muyenya at Hotel Diplomate.

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But it should be noted that Pakistan has no embassy in Uganda, so her consul is supervised by the ambassador posted to High Commission in Nairobi.

We are following on this development and will keep you posted on more information and reactions soon.


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