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Is Bryan White’s ‘Podium’ Empty For Now?

Just after swearing during a training session ahead of their friendly match with Uganda Sports Press Association over the last weekend that never happened, musicians and comedians who have been part of Bryan White’s ‘podium’ are no longer employed. We can confirm.

This comes after the podium boss changed the rules and tasked all performing artistes to withdraw their business contracts and dealings from their managers and commit themselves to the ‘podium’.

Besides that, Bryan White has asked each artiste to at least set a booking price of not less than Ug Shs 5 million so that the foundation can have a share. This puts most of them in a tight spot as they don’t demand such amount of money and this comes after the self-proclaimed money bags realized that he was not making any returns from the artistes and comedians but only losses.

This decision has put many artistes on tension and it is said that they have quit the podium to get back to their careers and among the culprits includes Big Eye, King Michael, Lady Mariam Tindatine, Pallaso, Madrat and Chiko as well as Weasel.

These artistes along with Chameleone, comedian Alex Muhangi and a few website owners had become part of Bryan White’s foundation. They have allegedly been frequenting his home every single day from 8 AM till late and reliable information we received is that he has been paying them for their attendance.

However, this action is said to have been made because the moneybags is starting to run broke (it is claimed) but we are still not aware of that.

Bryan White with one of Uganda’s biggest artistes Jose Chameleone

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