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Is Kwezi A Better Track Than ‘Mp’enkoni’?

It seems NRM sole candidate and the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is taking the music career serious. After releasing his monster track ‘Mp’enkoni’ five years ago that took over the charts not only in Uganda but globally, he’s back again with ‘Kwezi kwezi’, a relatively awesome song if we can say.

President Museveni’s Mp’enkoni was well received by the audience simply because it was his debut song and that it was released at time when the public never expected him to. Kwezi unlike Mpe’nkoni has come at a time when the public was eagerly awaiting for his second release and so far, it hasn’t come with a lot of hype regardless of the fact that it’s just two days after its release.

Washington does edits as Museveni watches on.

Washington does edits as Museveni watches on.

Mpe’nkoni was produced and mastered by Steve Jean and his team at Fenon Records and Steve needs no introduction when it comes to music production. The beats, execution and mastering of the track was simply on point as opposed to Kwezi that was produced and mastered by Washington. He too executed the track very well but not as good as the first one.

Mpe’nkoni moved from being a song to being a regular word used on the streets of Kampala. That’s how popular it became and as if that wasn’t enough, International channels like BBC and Aljazeera also regarded Museveni as the first singing president ever soon after releasing Mpe’nkoni.

However, Kwezi track has some punch lines in the intro. He terms his track as a ‘Hit’ in the opening lines which is a good strategy to get people’s attention and according to Washington who produced this hit,  he says “Kwezi song will make you dance till you turn yellow so get ready uploading any time soon,”.

With both songs, the President can now be termed as a Hip Hop artiste going by his rhymes and flows. He can also suggest anything regarding the music industry.

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