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Is Papa Cidy Dating Guvnor Ace’s Estranged Wife?

Guvnor Ace was criticized by almost everyone for dating Monalisa Larsson and he further went ahead and married the 68-year-old Swedish lady to further confirm ‘his love’ for her but that only lasted for not even a year before the Ugandan artiste decided to call it quits.

Guvnor Ace then citizens by sections of the public because instead of getting an official divorce from the old lady, he just decided to run to another country abandoning his marital home and the last we heard of him is that, he is now dating a much younger Ugandan lady based in Norway.

Papa Cidy

Papa Cidy

Back to Larsson, she was left heartbroken and even wrote a disheartened an painful letter in which she even vowed to revenge against the Leone Island based artiste. And now maybe the reports we are getting is confirmation that, the revenge mission she was talking about is on as news coming in is that, she is now dating Papa Cidy who is also an artiste from Leone Island just like Guvnor Ace.

We can’t quite confirm this rumour yet, but the two have been seen in each other’s company for a very long time now and the latest picture making rounds on social media suggests the two might have a thing going on.


Papa Cidy with Guvnor Ace’s wife or is it Ex?

Papa Cidy was first reported to be dating socialite um singer Don Sheilla, who is Professor Big Eye’s baby maama, but the rumour was put to rest after she confirmed that they are just friends.


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