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Is Rema’s New Song ‘Sili Muyembe’ Last Nail In Relationship Coffin With Kenzo?

A few days back, sensational Music Icon Rema Namakula aka Rema released a new song titled ‘Sili Muyembe’ (I’m not a mango). As usual, her songs have always carried some hidden information that has led the public, especially her fans to wonder if she composes her songs based on her lifestyle and what she goes through on a daily basis. However, Sili Muyembe song has taken it a top-notch higher. The same song has prompted her fans to relate it to her relationship with fellow musician Eddy Kenzo.

In the song, she sings about how someone she is in love with is not reciprocating the love and taking her love for granted. She goes on to warn her love never to regret if she one time decides to give out her love and heart to another man. She also cries out that, it is very painful to love someone and, in return, she is not loved back.

These are some of the lines that have led her fans to relate the song with her on and off relationship with Eddy Kenzo which we have sampled;

“I’m not a mango that I’m going to ripen, neither am I a pawpaw. If you are not seeing my worth, if you are not taking good care of me, others will take me. Then you will realize that you were actually the one in wrong,” says Rema in the song she composed in her native Luganda language.

Kenzo and Rema during the good old times. They are believd to be going through a rocky relationship now

In the song, she also goes on and says;

“I decided to stay because of love. Wherever I pass, I leave men in want of me. I don’t entertain them. But you’re sleeping. Wake up. Don’t cry for me when I am taken. I have failed to keep with your ways, I am tired of it. Don’t leave me in a sea of temptation, it might tempt me and I go too far.”

In a strange turn of events, the singer denies ever singing about Eddy Kenzo. In several online and TV interviews, Rema says that the song doesn’t represent anything going on in her life but she is grateful that many people can relate to the song.

In viral Video going around on social media, Rema uses these exact words to explain herself out.

“If someone can relate the song to me, it is good for me. Because there are people out there that is going through what I sang about. When I sing a song, I am not responsible for what people choose to understand.” She said.

Apparently Kenzo responded harshly to a Facebook post buy Rema announcing the release of the song. A self-made UK-based blogger known as Ritah Kaggwa has also come out to accuse the BET winner of cheating on her with a lady in Boston US.

Rema and Kenzo have a child and have been living together as a couple but their relationship has been a subject of talk in our local tabloids. In December last year, Rema during an interview on a local radio station clearly stated that, her relationship with Eddy Kenzo was ‘no more’.



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