Is Singer Solome Basuuta Planning Something Mega With ‘Love Nights’?

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  • What mega plan is in the offing for singer Solome Basuuta with ‘Love Nights’?

When singer Solome Basuuta takes to the stage to perform, expect nothing but a good vocal showcase. She is an artiste who prides herself in singing about ‘love, love and more love’ and this is what she has had to offer from the time she broke through.

The self-proclaimed ‘Queen Of Love’ who began her music career in 2015 and is not stranger to Ugandans who love and appreciate good music hinted on something called ‘Love Nights’ that has since then left her fans in suspense whether it is a concert or not

Using her social media platforms solome posted a controversial statement that can ring nothing but concert bells in her fans’ minds

“This is your girl Solome Basuuta. Imagine with me a night of love, music, food and more love… LOVE” Read Solome’s statement

Singer Solome Basuuta could be planning of a mega concert

Solome Basuuta has been on a music releasing spree from the time she held a sold out ‘The Song Love’ album launch in May 2015. It seems she has grown so much musically and therefore, need for another concert is inevitable although we cannot confirm that ‘Love Nights’ is a concert

Both Solome and her manager remained tight lipped when our reporter asked them to share more about the ‘Love Nights’. They briefly said that it is something big they are cooking and in a few days we shall get to know.

Solome Basuuta is known for songs like ‘Nzaani’, ‘Nsuubira’, ‘Ndeete’, ‘Met A Man’, ‘Can We Stay’, ‘This Love Affair’ among others and if the upcoming ‘Love Nights’ is a concert that the rumours are already alleging, these are the tunes she will perform for her fans.

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