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It Is Not A Rumour: Rapper Kanye West Confirms His Visit To Uganda

As he continues to talk politics and publicly show his support for President Donald Trump, American controversial rapper Kanye West recently confirmed his African tour and Uganda is one of the countries he is set to visit.

Like we know, many times when big and celebrated international artistes come for African tours, Uganda and many other African countries are never considered but this time round for Kanye’s tour, the Pearl of Africa is among the few African countries the rapper chose for his tour and it will be the first country he visits before the others or his plan

So why is he coming to Africa? At the beginning of this month, Kanye who is husband to American entrepreneur and socialite Kim Kardashian confirmed his African tour  where he will his ninth album, ‘Yandhi’ after pushing forward its release date because of failure to finish working on it in time. The album originally was slated to be released on 29th of September.

“It’s just a full Ye album and those five albums I dropped earlier were like superhero rehabilitation and now the alien Ye is fully back in mode… We’re going to Africa in two weeks to record. I felt this energy when I was in Chicago. I felt the roots. We have to go to what is known as Africa.” Kanye West told the American press

However, in his statement, he did not mention which African countries he will be in but going by the video we came across on YouTube, Uganda will be his first country to visit.

Kanye West to visit Uganda

There is unconfirmed information that Kanye who is expected to come with his wife Kim Kardashian has already booked the Murchison Falls National Park based Chobe Safari Lodge. It has also been alleged that the Chobe is closed to general public due to Kanye’s stay.

Watch the video of Kanye West confirming his Ugandan visit

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