“It Was Painful But I Got Treatment For The Disease”. Mc Kats Shares His Painful Experience With TB

Media personality and celebrated events MC  Edwin Katamba is commonly known as Mc Ktas shared his moving experience of battling the deadly Tuberculosis disease with fellow journalists last Thursday, October 22nd at Colline Hotel in Mukono.

This was during a TB Orientation workshop organized by the Ministry of Health in conjunction with Uganda Stop TB Partnership (USTP) Ltd and other partners as part of a national TB awareness campaign.

Kats says he fell sick sometime back last year but didn’t know what was wrong with him although he tried several tests and treatments for other diseases, his condition only continued to deteriorate as he felt no improvement.


Katamba sharing his experience with the journalists

Things only kept getting worse this year until his father advised him to take a TB test which turned out positive. Although he sought treatment straight away, things didn’t move smoothly as he abandoned the 6-month treatment after only 2 weeks “because the drugs made me sweat at nigh,t and had a terrible smell” He confessed.

However, he fell sick again and this time he really felt the disease was finishing him because he is also suffering from HIV, until he decided he will continue treatment up to the end which has now made him better.

In 2019, Katamba made a revelation that he had been living with HIV for a number of years “I’ve been living with the virus [HIV] for eight years but all my kids and baby mama are HIV negative,” he said then.

Katamba who works as co-host of the entertainment program After 5 on NBS Tv looked strong and healthy as he shared his experiences and committed to spreading awareness about the disease by taking advantage of the platforms he has at his disposal.

Dr Paul Isiko the Executive Director Uganda Stop TB Partnership Ltd(USTB) however says there’s hope for the country to eliminate the disease completely by 2030 if all stakeholders do their part. This involves massive awareness campaigns and treatment.

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease caused by bacteria that attack any part of the body, especially the lungs. It is however preventable and curable and the drugs are free at government-accredited private health facilities.

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