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“It Wasn’t Me Whose Skirt Fell Off At Kyarenga Concert”- Carol Nantongo 

In all circles of social media and music industry, the most talked about highlight of the last weekend is the singer whose skirt fell off  as she performed at Kyarenga concert that took place at One Love Beach Busabala.

While Eddy Yawe was performing his ‘Tukiggale‘ collabo with singer Carol Nantongo, a singer known as Rachael appeared on stage and together they performed it.

As their performance grew stronger while fans cheered them on, Rachael’s short skirt fell off her body during the middle of her dance move. She was left with was a brown legging which made many think she was naked. This made the whole crowd go wild as she ran backstage to get something to wrap along her thighs

Music Lovers who thought it was the real Carol Nantongo immediately took to social media and attacked her over that embarrassing incident. However, in a brief call with Carol Nantongo, she denied the allegation and said she wasn’t the one. as she claimed she cant stand that low.

“I have been receiving inboxes of people asking me about the incident. I didn’t watch or attend the show so they had to explain to me first. I last stepped on stage singing the same song with Yawe in 2017, we had our misunderstandings. So it wasn’t really me” she clarified.

Carol Nantogo and Eddy Yawe sang ‘Tukyigale’ collabo but before it went viral, the two separated over issues related to money. Carol accused Yawe of making her perform at so  many functions especially weddings with no pay.

Watch Rachael’s skirt fall off while on stage at Kyarenga concert

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