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“It’s January”-Comedian Salvado Defends Meeting President Museveni,Tells Off ‘Crucifiers’

It is not something new to find a section of people roasting some local celebrities over meeting president Museveni. A few months ago, singer Eddy Kenzo was criticized for meeting Museveni and the same thing happened to stand-up comedian Salvado who also met the head of state of state on Friday at state house in Nakasero, Kampala, on invitation

It all started after photos of one of the best English speaking stand-up comedians in East Africa with Sevo (slang for Museveni) were shared on his official 1.3 million followers Twitter account

I met with one of Uganda’s finest talents in the stand-up comedy industry, @idringp He tells me the Bazukulu call him Salvado of Ombokolo. But from his looks, he must be the grandson of Idi Amin. We shared quite a lot regarding the industry and development issues. Read the caption to the photos

Salvado and president museveni smiling in a photo moment at state house Nakasero, Kampala

A few hours later, with the photos making rounds across social media, Salvado later complained in a tweet about people who “crucified him” over his decision to accept the president’s invitation. (who would turn it turn it down anyway?)

In the tweet, the Man From Ombokolo as he sometimes calls himself, joked, in what seemed like an attempt to defend himself and said “it’s January people… It’s January”.  Could it be because of the January money scarcity? Who are we to judge?

“The president asks to meet me and people are crucifying me for accepting the invitation … it’s January people… It’s January … yours truly Patrick Salvado from State House” Read Salvado’s tweet

As if this wasn’t enough, earlier today, Salvado took to his official verified Facebook page and expressed his gratitude after finally meeting the president whom in August 2018, while at Bebe Cool concert, asked him (Bebe) to take take him to meet the head of state.

“It’s no everyday you get to meet the President .. so this moment right here is special to me… it’s true wisdom comes with age and he shared a lot of his wisdom. Please ignore if this offends you, I don’t have time for negativity. My prayer is you also get to meet the President”  Wrote Salvado

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