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“It’s The Curses Of People He Wronged”- Singer Tuff B On Why Chameleone Has Turned A ‘Beggar’

From forming the United Musicians Superstars Association (UMSA), going with a group of local artistes to meet Operation Wealth Creation leader General Saleh in Gulu to allegedly beg for handouts, veteran and celebrated musician Chameleone has almost done it all.

From the time he formed UMSA, many people in the music industry space perceived it as nothing but a move to just get money from Saleh although he came out and denied that allegation

Meanwhile, some people think that it is absurd for a veteran and celebrated artiste of his stature to beg for money.

While hosted on Urban TV’s “Rush Hour” show, singer and TV presenter Tuff B said that it is something absurd to see an artiste like Chameleone who used to earn a lot of money from concerts, begging for handouts.

Tuff blames it on the curses of the people that Chameleone wronged years ago and advised him to take time and go apologise to them one by one.

“Indeed it is absurd that Jose Chameleone, an artiste who was earning over 300million from concerts ten years ago would be begging today. My advice to him is that he should go apologise to all of the people he wronged. It’s the curses and tears of the people he wronged that have kept him in the state he is in.” Said Tuff B

Tuff Be added that even if the “Wale Wale” singer is given Ug Shs one billion, he would still blow it in just weeks

“Even if Gen Salim Saleh gave him a billion but with these curses still existent, he would still blow it up in weeks.”

Meanwhile, on the same show, Dembe FM’s presenter Dj Jacob Omutuuze said that Chameleone has turned into a beggar these days because he used to blow all the money he would get on women.

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