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Ivan Semwanga Shows Off His New Baby

As always the gods are smiling down on Ivan Semwanga.


Zari’s ex beau has just added a new Escalade to his fleet of posh expensive cars.

The Ugandan socialite who is based in South Africa is known to flaunt money wherever he goes be it in bars or car dealerships, he puts his money where the mouth is. Ivan recently shared a picture of his new car on Facebook and captioned it ‘My new Baby.’

In the picture he shared, the exquisite interior and exterior of the car are shown off. This left many fans stunned as they congratulated him on the new purchase. According to his close friends, the car is believed to have cost him about 500 million shillings.

This is surely a statement to all his haters, nothing is going to hold him down as he keeps shooting for the stars.

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