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Jack Pemba Makes Big Come Back, Unleashes Monster Ride

The last time, Pemba was last spotted in Kampala was last year while giving out a UG Shs 100 million prize to Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards’ proprietor Ahumuza Brian and since then he had blacked off the showbiz industry thus reigniting rumours that he had turned into a church mouse.

Just like his nemesis Bryan White who imported in a brand new Range Rover, tycoon Jack who also bought a brand new Toyota Lexus  that he alleges to have cost his 620 million UGX.

Forget about the recent social media rumours alleging that the Tanzanian philanthropist was selling off his wealth to manage the heavy debts he was facing; Pemba seems to be still having enough to afford a picnic for his dogs to Dubai. His latest acquisition is a 2017 Lexus Sport Class car that cost him Ug Sh 620m.

Pemba was once involved in a clash with the current showy tycoon Bryan White last year. He categorically called Bryan White a boy. In his words, he was quoted says

“My brother (SK Mbuga) and I are men, so differentiate us from boys. In fact, I hear that his (Bryan White) best Car is a Toyota Harrier and a Premio; that, I give to the ladies. He wants to be like me, but he can’t,” Pemba bragged.

A few days later at a press conference in Munyonyo, Bryan White fired back at Jack Pemba, describing him as an irresponsible investor. He said that Pemba should go and help out Tanzanians, instead of pretending to be helping Ugandans who don’t really need his help.

“People in Tanzania need help but this man is here fighting for tables. He should go and help out Magufuli to make Tanzania better,” he said.

“There are some wars I cannot get into right now because I have very important things to do for my country. I’m giving back to the community, but this man wants me to fight with him in bars,” he added.

Watch Jack Pemba unveiling his car

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