Jack Pemba Takes Over Elite Martial Arts Mantle In Africa

Jack Pemba has been dominant on the social scene for his flamboyant lifestyle but it looks like he is getting more dominant in the sports fraternity as well.

The business tycoon has been granted the authority over all elite martial arts events in Africa and this involves hosting events, conferences and organizing internal and external competitions.

Jack Pemba was given the go by the World Federation of Elite Martial Arts (WFM) president Mike Obrien.

His elevation to power comes after the Pemba Sports Academy president became actively involved in the sports fraternity for a very long time and the federation thought it is be fitting to have him in the leadership role.

Jack Pemba

 Jack Pemba is the co-founder of World Federation of Elite Martial Arts (WFM) and doubles as the Vice-President of the federation and also the President of the federation in Africa. He has also been involved in basketball, athletics and bodybuilding in different capacities.

In May, Pemba was arrested at Entebbe International Airport on directive of High Court’s Commercial Division over some scandals related to money laundering and illicit gold deals.

It was claimed that Jack Pemba was involved in a Ug Shs 2.5 billion gold scandal which brought the mystery of his source of income to a close. To date, the cases have not come to any conclusive end.

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