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Jack Pemba’s Mystery Chick Not Moved After Pemba Leaked Their Sex Tape

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Every time there is a new sex tape out, social media is always of fire just like it is now following the leaked sex videos that feature one of Pemba’s girlfriends known as Honey Suleman having sex with a man whose face is not shown. However, there are 100% claims that it is jack pemba.

The sex videos which Suleman claims were leaked by Pemba after asking her to pay USD 5000 (18,53o,500 Ug Shs) which she intentionally refused to give him are now the talk around with a section of the public bashing Pemba and the girl.

Despite the fact that the videos are out in the public making rounds in different WhatsApp groups and other social platforms, Suleman is not moved at all. As a matter of fact, she seems excited that video is out because it has earned her some mileage basing on the fact that she is not that known socialite.

If her her Facebook posts that are no longer appearing on her timeline is something to go buy, it could be confirmation that the man whose face was not shown in the video is Jack Pemba

In the posts, the chick assured Pemba how her entire knows about the videos and she went ahead to warn all the people who were calling to tell her about the sex tape saga to move on just like she has.

“My Family is not paying anything. So Jack Pemba go ahead and release the second video as well. You wont have anything to black mail me with. Am a strong woman” Read Suleman’s disclaimer.

check out what Suleman said on Facebook

Jack Pemba and Honey Suleman at an earlier event

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