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Jackie Chandiru Boards Bus to Arua, Fights over Alaka

chandiru fightsJackie Chandiru and Linda Nimuli, (city lawyer Caleb Alaka’s wife) are at it again. The two sworn enemies who have been fighting over Alaka for over three years now are back in the battle field. It began when some one tipped Jackie that a certain Rwandese woman was with Alaka in a hotel room  in Arua. Jackie, who was in Kampala, immediately hopped unto a bus and rushed to Arua and found the girl, who only speaks French, alone in the hotel room beat her to a neat pulp. Jackie was detained briefly and then released. Events took an ugly twist when on being released, Jackie mistakenly called and confronted Nimuli thinking she was talking to the Rwandese girl.

Nimuli escalated the war a notch higher when she gave an ‘exclusive’ interview to a tabloid detailing the events that had happened in Arua while warning Jackie to back off ‘her man’. Jackie has since angrily responded on her Facebook wall assuring Nimuli that she cares less about her family issues and that God is her (Jackie) man. She thus posted; “I am going to make this clear just one more time… Madam, only God knows who the man of my dreams is, why..Because God IS the man of my dreams! Do NOT assume you know my future, if it wasn’t mine; its back in the mausoleum! I have never fought and WILL NEVER fight for any human being but I will fight to serve my God, concentrate on your family, be who you should be…|”

Nimuli in an interview given to the tabloid referred to Jackie as ‘a loser and a gold digger’ who is out to destroy her marriage instead of finding a man for self as she is not growing any younger. Things have heated up further as there’s also a pending court case against Nimuli for which she is prepared. She says in the said tabloid interview “My lawyers are ready and I’m ready too, after all the evidence required especially on who started it all. To be honest, I’m not going to sit here and pretend everything is ok as someone destroys my family that I have toiled for in the last 15 years” We were however unable to independently verify whether Jackie fought someone in Arua over Alaka as their known contacts were off by press time.

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