‘Jackie Chandiru Can Shine Again After Making Come Back’, Says Cindy

Former girl trio Blu*3 member Jackie Chandiru is back after a long time battling drug addiction.

She spent over 3 years without performing and she recently made a surprise stage appearance at King Saha’s ‘Biri Biri Concert’ that took place last Friday at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds, putting up a fair performance.

Immediately after her performance, the night’s MC DJ Nimrod asked him if her former group members should be worried about her. Her reply was that she is going to do her thing and if a chance presents itself, they might work on a few projects as the original Blu*3.

Prior to the concert, Cindy with whom they were with in Blu 3 was also asked how she felt now that Jackie Chandiru is back on the charts and her response was positive and motivating.

“I am so happy to know that Jackie has made great improvement and recovery and I am ready to help revive her career,” Cindy said in an interview at the ‘Uncut’ show on NBS TV.

She further added that she Is even open for a collabo and music  tour with her former group member.

Cindy (left) with Jackie Chandiru (centre) and Lilian Mbabazi during the days of Blu*3

Jackie, Cindy and Lillian are the pioneer members of Blu*3 in the early 2000’s. They gave us some interesting hits such as ‘Frisky’, Hitaji’, Where You Are’ featuring Radio and Weasel, ‘Fly’ and ‘Burn’ featuring Navio among others but this was before the group disbanded in 2010

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