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Jackie Chandiru Hits Back At Journalists

It’s not everyday that an artiste gets confrontation with media houses and journalists at large but female artiste Jackie Chandiru is one who doesn’t care so long as she delivers her point home.

The Agassi artiste this past week posted something on her facebook about her disconfort with journalists and tabloids but didn’t really explain what was done to her.

Jackie Chandiru frustrated with the Journalist ways

Jackie Chandiru frustrated with the Journalist ways

“When pathetic excuses of journalistsis, flat aced tabloids keep picking on you and worse still combine with idiots who bump into you in a bank, use poor quality phones to take unauthorized pictures, claim you faint in a bank…then you know even if you keep your mouth shut..you make news!!!! make it…keep your pathetic stories up I don’t need anyone to live, never had, never will..instead you’ll be suprised who needed me to live!!!’ she said.

 We don’t know where this will end but one thing we are sure of is she’s dissapointed. We will keep you updated incase of any developments.

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