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Jackie Chandiru sues Mary Luswata


When Mary Luswata decided to take on Jackie Chandiru little did she know it would turn into a lawsuit. According to reports, Mary has been sued by Jackie Chandiru for accusing her of abortion.

Jackie told a local tabloid about how she had sued the gossip queen along with her bosses at Urban TV. Jackie further adds that Mary’s accusations of abortion were inappropriate, derogatory, abusive and false.

“I know the place you went to for the abortions, I know the lady who escorted you too. Don’t make me spill the beans Jackie,” Mary said on her now popular celebrity gossip TV show.

“I think that whoever she is, she should be able to have proof that I was pregnant and also be able to tell us which doctor carried out the abortions. In short, she should be able to prove all said in courts of law,” she said.

We will keep you posted on any developments.

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