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Jackie Chandiru To Make A Musical Comeback

Former Blu 3 singer Jackie Chandiru is on the verge of coming back on the music scene after a long time while fighting drug addiction. In fact one time, the singer was announced dead by what she called haters. The latest information we have landed on is that the singer is secretly looking for financial help from close friends and well-wishers to facilitate her music career back on track.

A source close to Jackie furthermore tells Chano8 that she has approached for minister captain Mike Mukula and some other rich friends but she hasn’t been successful. “She wanted to get back to singing as soon as possible” Our source adds. 

Jackie has had 3 bad years, her marriage crumbled and drugs took a toll on her. Her family members only turned to God for mercy on their daughter and she was first admitted at Bunamwaya rehabilitation Centre where she underwent a heavy and tense counselling over drug addictions.

Few months after she was released from the rehab, the singer joined another crew that lured her into taking drugs and drinking herself silly.  Her family and friends forced her back to the rehab but as we talk now, the singer seems rejuvenated and ready to make a huge come back.

Jackie Chandiru set for a serious musical come back, are you ready?

It should also be remembered that that fallen singer Mowzey Radio had started to bankroll Jackie as he facilitated most of her videos but ever since his demise, the singer is grassing. Also, singer Mesach Semakula has been trying to offer a hand but nothing fruitful has come out.

Jackie Chandiru left Blue 3 after the group collapsed and went for solo careers. Music critics at one time revealed that she was the only successful artiste after the group fell out. She later decided to settle down and got married to a rich pensioner that hailed from the Netherlands. Their marriage which is rumoured to have only lasted one month has been a talk aroud town. The couple has never officially divorced but no longer live together. Her family members however say, the Dutchman Van Vliet sends financial help to Jackie sometimes.

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