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Jamal Talks About His Upcoming Star Experience At Club Guvnor

Highly talented singer Jamal Wasswa who recently came back from a short career break exclusively interacted with Chano8 about the social media craze,

‘It’s technology and at the end of the day it will come down to the music just give it a little time. At the end of the day people will want to listen to what you do. You have a lot of likes but is it that are playing.’

The lady’s man also talked about his highly anticipated Jamal Experience that will take place tomorrow at Club Guvnor,

‘It’s going to be massive. Come and watch Jamal perform.’

The Jamal experience is going to be legendary

The Jamal experience is going to be legendary

He also revealed that he will premiere one of his latest videos. This is going to be Jamal’s first event ever since his 2009 ‘Abakyala baziira’ concert at Kati Kati restaurant and it comes just a few weeks after his return from Europe where he recorded his ‘Nagezako’ track and shot the video of ‘Malaika’.

Known to be one of the vocally talented artistes in Uganda, Jamal will be taking to the stage at 9pm and will have a two hour musical blast backed by a live band. Entry fee to the show is only 30k.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/-OivxtjQD_g”]


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