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James Onen Aka Fatboy Fired From Sanyu FM For ‘Leading Staff Strike’

By now you must be aware that Sanyu FM is currently in turmoil as management is embroiled in a serious shakeup struggle with employees after a staff strike paralyzed one of Uganda’s oldest and most powerful FM radio stations this week. The news has been spreading like wildfire on social media.

Trouble started when management of the Kampala-road based FM station slashed staff salaries by 25% without ‘proper prior communication’ which did not go well with the workers who decided to go on a sit down strike with the radio running on Auto DJ for about 2 days.

A source intimated to Chano8 that, Fatboy real name James Onen, who is one of the most senior and longest serving presenters was fired for ‘leading the strike’ although this claim has not yet been verified or confirmed by management who are still held up in a series of meetings to try to salvage the situation.

End of the road for James Onen aka Fatboy at Snayu FM after 21 years.

Our source also says Fatboy is very ‘influential’ and ‘vocal’ at the workplace and can easily influence things. Some news outlets have also reported the same. The maverick and witty 45-year-old presenter who had worked at the station as host of the ‘Breakfast Show’ confirmed on Facebook he was leaving after 21 years of service.

“21 years. The ride is over. Thanks for the support all these years, you’re the best fans in the world. Will communicate future plans soon. In the meantime, ladies, I’m coming for some transport money. #SavetheBoyChild He wrote

Although he later also tweeted to confirm that he was actually fired and did not just ‘bow down’ as earlier reported.

Sanyu FM which is owned by business mogul Sudhir Ruparelia, just like many other companies is going trough financial difficulties as a result of the effects of the lockdown imposed due to coronavirus outbreak on the economy. So, management had decided to cut salaries an one of their ways to ease on the financial burden in the difficult times.

Comedian Salvado Patrick Idringi will take over as temporary replacement while the station gets to fix their issues.


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