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Janzi Band Spreads The Christmas Cheer


The mighty Janzi band are already in a celebratory mood. As the holidays approach quickly. The band decided to show their appreciation to their fans and put on a Christmas show at the Bugolobi hang out Gattomatto. The show was slated to start at 7pm but the venue seats were filled by 8pm and the show started at 9pm.

The band wasn’t the only entertainment for the night as we had guest performers from the audience to showcase their skills at caroling through the night. There was a celebrity appearance too from our very own Jackie Chandiru who performed a song in tribute to Micheal Jackson and also did her own song.

The band performed their own songs and also did some famous songs so the crowds could sing along. the talked about their upcoming album ‘Eka’ cpming out 2015. The show was concluded at around midnight as the crowd applauded the band for their amazing performances.

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