Jay Z & Beyonce Show Their Support For Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy

The couple headlined a star-studded concert in support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Cleveland Friday night.  The concert was mainly to drive up turnout among young people in Ohio to vote and vote wisely. The group of rap and hip hop icons urged voters to head to the polls on Tuesday and firmly backed Clinton’s candidacy.

Beyonce addressed the historical significance of a Clinton presidency and also made it clear that it won’t happen unless voters actually head to the polls. Her performance was backed by dancers in blue pantsuits, an obvious reference to Clinton. Many top Powerful artists have come up to show their support to Hillary Clinton including Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony who performed at a concert with Clinton in Miami on Saturday, Miley Cyrus at George Mason University last month and Katy Perry, who will perform with Clinton on tonight in Philadelphia.


“We have to think about the future of our daughters, our sons,” Beyonce told the crowd at Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center. “Eight years ago, I was so inspired to know that my nephew, a young black child, could grow up knowing his dreams could be realized by witnessing a black president in office,” she said. “And now, we have the opportunity to create more change. I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead our country. And know that her possibilities are limitless. We have to think about the future of our daughters, our sons, and vote for someone who cares for them as we do. And that is why I’m with her.”


Queen Bey with her dancers in navy blue suits to represent Clinton

Clinton came out after a duet by Jay Z and Beyonce , she quoted something the iconic rapper said during his 2008 performance for then-Sen. Barack Obama. “And remember,” Clinton said, “Jay memorably said something we should all recall: Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk. And Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could ran. And Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly!” “This other guy, I don’t have any ill will … he cannot be my president,” Jay Z said. “He cannot be our president. Once you divide us, you weaken us, we are stronger together. And without further ado, I would like to introduce to you the next president of the United State, Miss Hillary Clinton.”


The dual performed with a lot of passion




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