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Jealousy Got NBS TV’s MC Kats Beaten By Singer Fille

It sure looks like Kats has stolen the headlines these past four days because of the incident that happened last Saturday when he was said to have been beaten by his fiancée and artiste Fille Mutoni.

But if what an onlooker said is anything to go by, then we can confirm that, it was not actually Fille who beat up Kats but rather Fille’s white friends.

It is reported that Kats had gone to club Play to hang out but immediately he had arrived, Fille with her white friends also came to the same venue to promote her new song ‘What did you do’ that she did with Nutty Neithan. Kats then grabbed the microphone and started insulting the whites who decided to leave the premises.


MC Kats nurses injuries after being beaten on Saturday


Happier times: MC Kats with Fille

He decided to follow them and demand for his car that they were riding in. After they refused to hand over the keys, the ‘After 5’ presenter continued to abuse them and in the process, they roughed him up, kicked him and gave him a few slaps before they proceeded to the car where Fille was waiting for them.

A furious Kats followed, and got slightly knocked by the car after Fille and the friends were taking off. There are various accounts of the events that happened that day but this ‘eye witness’ account sounds more clear although we will still keep giving you more on the matter as they come in.

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