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Jemimah Sanyu Thrills fans At Serena Hotel

Yesterday evening, Serena Hotel’s Victoria Ball Room was on fire as Jemimah Sanyu commonly known as the ‘Stage Gladiator’ put up an energetic and eye catching performance as the ‘Qwela Junction’ season three Divas Episode that featured seven talented Ugandan female artistes was held.


The stage gladiator Jemimah singing her Yakubhedha song

The event was full of nice performances from the rest of the divas but when it was time for Jemimah to do a solo performance on stage, it was a different and more interesting kind of thing.

Dressed in all white with a brown belt and brown boots, she performed her ‘Yakubedha’ love song which means ‘He Lifts You Up’. What surprised and cheered the revelers is how she stepped on top of one of the front tables and danced on it as if she was on the floor.


Jemimah Sanyu dances on top of a table

As if that was not enough, Jemimah had to even take off her boots and shortly after, she went crazier as she danced, sang and rolled on the stage’s floor. The crowd had nothing to do, apart from cheering her on as she showcased to them the best of her performing skills.


Jemimah dancing for the revelers

“They call me the stage gladiator, I also don’t know why, may be you can tell”. Jemimah told the crowd which was enjoying her performance


“Did you enjoy my performance”? Jemimah seems to ask

Although she doesn’t know why she is called the ‘Stage Gladiator’, Jemimah Sanyu is proving to be another interesting performer when it comes to live musical performances. We wish her all the best as she pushes her music career to the next level.

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