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‘Jennifer Musisi’s Mishap Shouldn’t Raise Eyebrows’ Says Gilbert Wavamunno

Last Sunday during the 4th edition of the Kampala City carnival, one thing made the headlines even more than the artiste’s performances, ‘kifesi’ thugs beating up people and the eye-catching designs.

Having been the chief organizer of the event, Kampala City Council Authority  (KCCA) Jennifer Musisi was the centre of attraction at the carnival for three main reasons. Her curvaceous body, her dancing moves with Radio and Weasel but most importantly because of the car she was driving.


A close look at the monster Benz Jennifer Musisi used at the recently conluded Kampala City Carnival


Jennifer Musisi pulling some dance strokes with singer Radio


The Iron lady like it has always been in previous editions arrived and drove through Kampala road to look at what people were exhibiting in her monster Benz. At least that is what we thought but something happened which became a hit on social media.

Jennifer Musisi’s supposed car got a mishap when the customized plates of ‘Nankulu’ stripped off and boom there emerged the real customized plates in ‘Wavamunno’.

But according to Gordon Wavamunno’s son and manager at Spear Motors Gilbert Wavamuno, the mishap should not raise eyebrows because the car was just borrowed.


City Tycoon Gordon Wavamunno’s son Gilbert Wavamunno and Manager Spear Motors

“My father lent her his vehicle just to feel good and ride in the carnival but no tax payers’ money was spent either to hire or rent it,” Gilbert Wavamunno said.

Well hopefully this will help clear the air especially concerning the ‘wastage of tax payer’s money bit.



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