Jerry Sesanga Seeks To Break The Barriers Of Ugandan Cinema With New Film

(Young film maker and artist aims at the global audience through his upcoming film production in June,)

Celebrated Ugandan author and film maker Jerry Sesanga is working on his upcoming film project that he says is going to be a game changer for the Ugandan film industry. Through his filming company ULLYWOOD, he seeks to tell a Ugandan story at a global scale. He says that he believes Ugandan films can have a global impact and he feels he is in position to bring something new on market that can go around the world.

“When Hollywood comes to Africa, often times we see a stereo typed story that misrepresent s many facts about us, so I feel if we tell our own stories, we can create a difference. Under ULLYWOOD, I feel we can give quality to Ugandan cinema and a new direction for our industry. I have a vision that in years to come, films from Uganda will be called films from ULLYWOOD.”  He explains.

The Runaway Bride is about a young couple’s fight for their love after an old tycoon makes an indecent proposal to a campus girl. With the help of her boyfriend, they run away from the pursuit of a determined police detective. It is a story of struggle and love told uniquely like never before in Ugandan cinema.

Jerry Sesanga is a Goodwill Ambassador with Plan International Uganda

A photo from the scenes in the the new Film Jerry is now working on.   

“Uganda is one of the countries with the youngest populations in the world and therefore as I produce films, I want films that not only appeal to foreign audiences, but as well to the young audiences in the country. In literature we say a poem is a poem when it sings, when it screams, when it jumps, when it dances, when it feels. So I want to do a film like a poem, a film with senses.” He adds.  

Jerry Sesanga is working with celebrated Ugandan musician Naava Grey on the  lyrics for the soundtrack of the film. “As an artist, I admire other artistic works, music is one of them, it goes straight to my heart and it inspires my work. I am in love with Naava Grey’s music and working with her is really exciting.” Sesanga comments with a beaming smile.

Jerry Sesanga speaks to guests during the official premiere of his short film ‘The Baby Bride’ at Serena

The film is set to be shot in June and is expected to come out in August. It will be premiered at Century Cinemax at Acacia Mall and Sesanga hopes to keep us updated on the progress on the film to confirm the due dates. He is grateful to his partners and sponsors who include Plan International Uganda of which he is a goodwill ambassador: chano8 Magazine, MixaTeens and their parent company Sms One.

Jerry Sesanga also premiered his short film ‘The Baby Bride’at the recently concluded ‘Parliamentary Conference on Tackling Teenage Pregnancy in Uganda’ organised by Plan Uganda, at Kampala Serena Hotel. The film received massive reviews and feed back as it tackled a very sensitive topic of child pregnancy.

Jerry is also an Author. Here he displays one of his books

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