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Joanita Kawalya’s Mind Blowing Performance At The Croak And Rhyme Event

For those who thought that Joanita Kawalya only had a very old generation of fans, well here is a news flash they cut across and yesterday at the croak and rhyme event it was all evident.

When the legendary artiste took the stage fans couldn’t help but ululate as the singer brought back childhood memories with her songs like Namagembe. She took the event to unprecedented heights that had her young fans flood the front of the stage and show off their old school dance moves.

It was truly amazing to know that Joanita Kawalya accepted to perform for free so that she could help 40 days over 40 smiles raise funds to build a dormitory for Elohim school. There also performances from Ruyonga, Naava Grey, The Mith, Nutty Neithan and Maddox among others.

Have a look at the effect of Joanita Kawalya on her young fans below.

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