Joe Kigozi Finally Quits BBS TV, Back To NBS

For the past couple of days, it has been rumoured that Joe Kigozi had quit BBS TV but we couldn’t jump on it because there was no evidence. However, we got all we wanted to prove that the deal is as good as done.

Going by the resignation letter we came across, Joe Kigozi confirms that he is leaving the Buganda television to where he started from which is NBS TV.

He was at BBS Terefayina for sometime and now he left for NBS TV again

He has been the CEO of BBS Terefayina for over two years but during his tenure, he has been able to transform the station into one of the top five in Uganda despite the recent rumours that he emblazed staff salaries and advertising money.

Joseph Kigozi returns to NBS where he resigned from two years ago where he was first a sports presenter then one of the Public Relations officer.  He now returns as the chief of strategy and becomes Kin Kariisa’s number two.

A look at Joe Kigozi’s resignation letter


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