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Joe, Micheal Kitanda, Tizer The Band And Norman Brown Thrill Fans At The Nile Gold Jazz Safari

Jazz festival lives up to the hype. With great performances from Micheal Kitanda, Tizer The Band, Norman Brown and Joe, Jazz Festival left fans ecstatic.


The show was opened up by Micheal Kitanda and Charmant who set up the tempo in the crowd with several fans applauding them. Then on went Tizer the band, the most amazing bit about their performance was Steve who not only sings, but plays the Saxophone, percussions and guitar.  With his prowess, some fans couldn’t help it, but give a standing ovation.

Norman Brown dressed in a white cotton shirt and white jeans showed us why he has been nominated for several awards. With his wet look and open shirt, he reminded us of the days of Kool and The Gang. Two words best describe his performance, ‘Simply Amazing.’


With plenty of drinks and food to go around in the V.I.P section, revelers were treated to comedy, from MC of the night, Rucci. Trying to ‘crack ribs’ with his Nigerian jokes, it was unfortunate that he overstayed his welcome and was eventually booed off stage. The shocker was, he also booed himself, talk about trying to turn down the heat.


Finally, the man of hour graced the stage. Joe, who was dressed in a tuxedo and looking a little bit older than I actually remember, set up this frenzy amongst the ladies that if you weren’t sure about what’s happening, you may think ‘Al qaeda‘ is near by.


Performing his hit songs like ‘I Wanna Know’, ‘Love Scene’ and ‘Stutter’, Joe made almost every male curse, as their ladies couldn’t control their excitement with some screaming, ‘Marry me already.’ The two ladies who got a chance to hug the American singer, just didn’t want to let go, thank goodness he pulled away from them otherwise we would be nursing broken hearts right now.

That said, Joe’s performance was flawless and lived up to the hype. The show ended at 12:30am with many fans ecstatic, they surely got their money’s worth.


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