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Joel Isabirye Introduced For The Fourth Time

We can confirm that if Joel Isabirye is not the one with the problem, then the women he gets engaged to need medical attention. Otherwise who would explain the endless engagements he keeps having with different women yet others just keep coming.

Well, that is another debate we can tackle some other time as our job is to keep you informed. A one Hipscious Kylar (Facebook names) is the new fiancée the radio consultant got engaged to a few days ago after he was introduced at a glamorous occasion.

Before this, Joel Isabirye was involved with a renowned radio presenter and singer Rebecca Jingo who he accused of theft before throwing her out. She was the third woman he was engaged with not more than five years.

Let us hope this relationship will last because if they fail, Isabirye will go down history lane as a man who never keeps a woman in his marital home.  

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