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John Blaq’s Management Denies It’s Their Artiste In Viral Social Media Sex Tape

Following the leakage of  a  sex tape showing a man who is said to be singer John Blaq, in a sexual act with an identified woman, his management company John Blaq Music Limited came out and trashed all that talk.

In a statement, the company “confirms” that the person involved in the video is not John Blaq and further said that Blaq is “disturbed by the video and despite the uncanny resemblance he is not the one and can never be relegated to filming cheap videos in dinghy motels”.

The statement which came a few days after the video clip made it’s way on social media, came after the “Do That” singer and his management had remained tight-lipped about the whole matter

John Blaq Music Limited further said that they reported the matter to Police to help them “weed out the individuals/groups involved in spreading such malicious damage”

Singer John Blaq’s management denied it is their artiste in the viral sex tape involving the singer’s lookalike

Meanwhile, The Computer Misuse Act states that the creation, publication, distribution, and abetting of pornographic content is illegal and is punishable in the law

“A person who produces or participates in the production of, or traffics in, publishes, broadcasts, procures, imports or exports or in any way abets pornography is liable, on conviction to a fine not exceeding 500 currency points or imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or both,” the law states.



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