Johnnie Walker Replaces Nile Gold For Jazz Safari

Ahead of the 10th edition slated for September this year, Jazz Safari concert has come with mega changes that start from the name.

What has been the Nile Gold Jazz Safari is with immediate effect named Johnnie Walker Jazz Safari and the whisky is going to be the title sponsor of the soul and Jazz music celebration till further notice.

With the main event slated for the 2nd of September at the Lugogo Cricket Oval, the Jazz & Soul Safari founder Tshaka Mayanja said that there could not have been a better suitor for the country’s premier Jazz event than the Johnnie Walker whisky:

The Jazz and Soul Safari is celebrating 10 this time round

This year is our 10th Anniversary Edition. From this year, we plan to steer the event into new horizons. Rebirth. Renewal. Renaissance. JW is the perfect partner as the brand is in line with our virtues which are: consistency, longevity, class and pedigree.” he said.

The annual jazz event was started by musicians Mayanja and Elijah Kitaka, who had a passion to introduce jazz music to Uganda. Inspired by radio jazz segments and small gatherings, it transformed into nine international standard concerts that showcased the intricate craft that is Jazz.


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