Johnnie Walker Treats Social Media Fans To A Scotchy Evening

There’s nothing that beats getting a lesson from an experienced person. It even gets better when the tutor knows from experience what they are talking about.

This is just what happened last Thursday when Johnnie Walker treated its social media followers to a unique whisky tasting experience.

Held at Uganda Breweries Limited’s Rooftop Bar, the evening was all about exploring the different and unique ways to enjoy whisky as well as giving guests an in-depth look into the origins of Johnnie Walker.

Marcus Kwikiriza, the Johnnie Walker Reserve Ambassador couldn’t have put it any better as he helped the audience explore the whisky’s signature flavours and intense aroma. He also went on further to explain to the guests the difference between blends and single malt whiskies.

Marcus Kwikiriza, the Johnnie Walker Reserve Ambassador

Marcus Kwikiriza, the Johnnie Walker Reserve Ambassador

At the mentorship, participants were treated to the different serves Johnnie Walker’s Red Label, Black Label, Double Black and Gold Reserve.


Kwikiriza urged the participants not to just drink but appreciate Johnnie Walker blends during every sip. “Every time you take a sip of any Johnnie Walker, I can assure you, there will be a new flavor you will nose,” he explained.

“These mentoring and tasting sessions are our new approach to consumer education. We know that it’s important to engage with our consumers and show them the different ways to consume our products.” Kwikiriza further noted.


Enjoying the bites at the do

Participants were also introduced to Johnnie Ginger, a perfect cocktail of Red Label and fresh ginger, which can also be substituted using Stoney. The incredibly vibrant combination excited the participants who attested to its outstanding flavor.

According to Lois Aber the Johnnie Walker Brand Manager, the whisky mentorship sessions will be held weekly for the rest of the year.

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