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Johnnie Walker’s Whisky Mentorship Session At Panamera

There are only three Johnnie walker booths in Uganda. One is at Liquid Silk, another at Sky Lounge and the last one at Panamera lounge, where the whisky tasting experience happened last Saturday evening.

The experience that kicked off at 5pm was mostly attended by media practitioners who were taken through steps of drinking Johnnie walker whisky. This is mainly because in most cases, people sip it the wrong way without appreciating the real taste it comes with.


According to Marcus Kwikiriza, one of Johnnie Walker’s Brand Ambassadors in Uganda, the drink should be respected because of its vast history and that it should be taken after it has been appreciated. “Johnnie Walker is a brand and a brand that should not be taken like other whisky. You have to go through a series of steps to drink it. Ways I’m going to show you how through this mentorship session.” He said before calling in waiters to serve the first shots.


Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador Marcus Kwikiriza talking at the mentorship session

He told everyone to first clean their pallets with water, then instructed them to sniff on the drink and then sip it but before swallowing, Marcus said that the drink should reach every corner of the mouth. These were the instructions on every round but what was different is that on every round, a different snack was served. From chocolate cakes, meat balls, fish fingers, goat’s meat among others served as starters before the drink.

Because the market has been invaded by fake products, UBL Brand Manager, Premium Spirits, Ms. Lois Aber tipped the audience on how to tell a fake Black Label from a genuine one. She explained that a genuine one has a sound it makes when shaken, it has a longer cover and produces bubbles when shaken.

Phyllis Wanjiru won herself a one litter of Black Label after getting the highest number of likes and comments on social media regarding the mentorship session.


Phyllis Wanjiru being handed her Black Label she won


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