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Jose Chameleone Blasts Local Media, Threatens To Re-locate To Kenya

Everything started perfectly well. Security, lights, sound and performances were all tick. There was a massive turn up and a lovey-dovey atmosphere until when man of the night Dr Jose Chameleone started a five-minute rant session directed at the local media.

Chameleone who was flawless at his Wale Wale Double trouble concert at Kyadondo all of a sudden in Typical Chameleone style changed colours from the bright happy man to a pissed off very angry man who rapped media to tatters.

The self proclaimed music doctor who ranks himself as Africa’s number six was particularly not happy about some sections of the media writing stories about his family and private life other than helping the local talent to progress.


Chameleone started with a powerful performance


He said unlike in Kenya where everyone minds their own business, in Ugandan people are always peeping into other people’s private lives. He says some tublods have made it their business to always write about his marriage to Daniella Atim being rocky and the love of his life divorcing him.

“I have been in the industry for fifteen years and all through Daniella has been besides me supporting and loving me. She has never left or threatened to leave so why write all the nonsense?” The Badilisha singer fumed.

Chameleone speaking so fast in a rap form, also added to the debate of local media and DJs not supporting local talent ‘yet in countries like Nigeria they always support and market their own.’

Speaking in luganda, Chameleone directed some of his rage straight at some journalists and photographers right in front of him who looked startled. He accused some media houses of being compromised and journalists paid to tarnish his image.


Chameleone performs as photo-journalists take pictures


“If this continues, I will relocate to Kenya where I am loved and appreciated”. He added

Chano8 could not reach him for details as he was busy preparing for Buzz Teeniez awards and his Wale Wale concert in Mukono. While some journalists are still confused as to why Chameleone said all those things yet not all media houses are negative or do not support local talent.

We will keep you posted on any new developments.

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