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Jose Chameleone Buys His Manager ‘Mutima’ A New Car

They say good things happen to those who wait and case in point here is Nkuke Robert Jackson alias Mutima who’s works have been rewarded by a brand new Golf by artiste Jose Chameleone.

Mutiima couldn’t hide his excitement as he took to Facebook and shared the great news. “Good works deserve good rewards. I thank team for the ultimate gift 2015. A great artiste with a great heart just beat me this funky golf 5 thanks Chameleon.”

Mutima's new car

Mutima’s new car

Today marks Mutiima’s one year in office as Chameleon’s manager but he has received a lot of criticism as people have always been telling him that he can’t handle Chameleon the way Sam Mukasa, who now manages King Saga used to.

After buying him the car that is worth over 20million shillings, Chameleon flew to Canada for a musical performance.

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