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Jose Chameleone Defends Guvnor For Marrying A 68 Year Old

With a lot of criticism for his Band member who got married to a 68 year old, Jose Chameleone came out to say,

‘Does this mean the Society we live in is more interested in Negativity? Than Positivity? I personally, Think the way Older chose younger is the same way Younger can chose older. I have so much respect for Love. And will never ask why one loves the other,’ he said.

He further went on to use the President of Uruguay as an example,

‘The President of Uruguay has been dubbed the “Poorest President” because he Loves to live a life he enjoys.

Many times we succeed in doing what we Love to, Not what we deserve. We have praised relationships for their looks NOT the Love. I know somehow even for me it’s weird. But as long as Guvnor and Lisa are In love then the rest is your problem as public.’

Love Birds: Guvnor and Lisa

Love Birds: Guvnor and Lisa

Jose Chameleone concluded by defending Guvnor and Lisa,

Love speaks many languages, Enjoy yourselves. If you love each other and you are Happy together, What else?. People give wealth to Animals that mean a lot more to them than Humans!Why then is it a problem that Guvnor and Lisa are Love Birds?

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