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Jose Chameleone Denies Selling His Music Catalogue To UgaTunes

From the time Chameleone, Bebe Cool and a group of other local artistes went to camp at Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) leader General Salim Saleh’s office in Gulu City,  rumours have have been rife that Chameleone agreed to sell his music catalogue to UgaTunes, which is a new digital music distribution company owned by Saleh.

Some rumours had it that he agreed to sell it at Ug Shs 3.5 billion and some said 9 but the Leone Island Crew boss in a recent television interview rubbished all these rumours and said that whoever is behind the circulation of this information is a liar. .

The Leone Island Crew boss also said that  he is not desperate to sell his music

“The talk going around that I sold my music at 9 billion is a lie because 9 billion is even little money to buy my songs, I haven’t sold any music ” Chameloene said in an interview with NBS TV

Basing on the rumours, a section of the public rushed to conclude that the “Wale Wale” hit maker is selling his music because he allegedly ‘ran bankrupt’ given that concerts are on suspension and also having made loses during campaigns of the Kampala City Lord Mayor race which he didn’t win.

He also denied the bankruptcy rumours and blamed them on his his ill-wishers

“Ugandans are afraid of being left behind, I am selling in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and the entire Africa. The support I have doesn’t come from Uganda alone. A bankrupt person doesn’t look like me. I just outgrew the things of showing off my progress and assets on camera”  Said Chameleone

He also revealed that their meeting with General Salim Saleh in Gulu City was to unite musicians and music stakeholders to work together and push the music industry forward





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