Jose Chameleone Displays His Drawing Skills Using Radio’s Portrait

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Apart from being an artiste, did you know that singer Jose Chameleone is also an artist? for those who don’t know, the ‘Wale Wale’ singer showed off his skills in drawing if the video of him we saw drawing the late Mowzey Radio’s portrait is anything we should go buy.

With no intention but to remember him, Chameleone shared an incomplete portrait of Radio on his Facebook page making majority of his followers doubt whether the  art piece was really drawn by Chamili as he is sometimes call.

 “The first time I met Moses Nakintige “Radio” he presented a drawing of me in pen he had drawn to present to me. That was the beginning of a brotherhood that lasts forever. To tribute my friendship and brotherhood we shared am taking time to draw this portrait of him as the tribute. Am almost done though. #Multitalent #Legend #Champion. Am happy that my pencil is defining my feeling for a fallen Hero.Chameleone wrote on his Facebook page

It should be remembered that Chameleone played a very big role in nurturing Radio’s career which began from the day he (Radio) humbly came and asked to join Chameleone’s camp Leone Island which he joined and later left for a solo career which he did with Chameleone’s young brother Weasel.

Its it very unfortunate that after 1O years of Radio and Weasel, Radio met un untimely death following a bar brawl he got involved in Entebbe. He was admitted at Case clinic where he also died from after succumbing from the injuries.

Apart from losing Radio as a fellow artiste who had once joined Leone Island, Radio was like Chameleone’s brother despite the fact they had some misunderstandings, fights which they later resolved.

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